Book review: Winged Decision by Heather Allen Dencker

Winged Decision is the second book in the Winged Series by fellow indie author Heather Allen Dencker. I was lucky to be a beta reader for this story, but I’ve realized I’d totally forgotten to write a review. I told myself I’d wait until the book was out on the shelves and then I got busy writing 3 books in only a few months and it completely slipped my mind. My apologies, both to you, followers, and to the author. :)

If you’ve read my review of book one, Winged Descent, you know how much I loved this story, even though I never considered Fantasy my cup of tea. Well, this proves my point that if you put a sprinkle of romance in whatever genre, you’ve got my attention.

While book one is the story of how Kendrick and Savannah met and eventually fell in love, Winged Decision is a prequel to the whole story and it’s almost entirely told in Kendrick’s POV. It’s the story of Kendrick’s life on Centaura, of how he and Norana fell in love and how they all came to the decision of flying to Earth to look for partners.

I have to admit that Norana wasn’t my favourite character in book one, but seeing how things got to that point helped me warm up to her. She’s a strong and loving character, whose dreams of Happy Ever After were shattered in a matter of minutes. Even so, she loves Kendrick enough to accept his decision and follow his lead, even though she’s not happy with the outcome. Just like every centauran, she’s willing to take a step back and selflessly think of what’s good for the whole community, even though it means she’ll be heartbroken afterwards.

I loved reading the story through Kendrick’s POV; it gave me a better insight into the reasons why he had to take the decision to go to Earth even though he was so in love with Norana. I could feel the burden of responsibilities on his shoulders, his pain and indecision and I liked him even more than I did in book one.

I’m happy we got to meet Kendrick’s family, since in book one we only get to hear about them through Kendrick’s chats with Savannah.

Even though there was a little too much fighting and I’m not a fan of that, (but hey, Kendrick’s the leader of the army, after all!) I enjoyed the other parts, especially the romantic ones (but that goes without saying, right?). I actually loved getting to know more about Kendrick’s planet and people, and I think Heather was great at creating that world and describing everything as if she’d actually seen it all. I liked it so much that at times I found myself wishing Centaura really existed, and that a handsome winged centaur would fly down to Earth and take me with him back to his planet.

Although Winged Descent is still my favourite between the two, I enjoyed reading this prequel and I would recommend it to lovers of fantasy and of romantic stories.

Have you read Winged Decision? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.


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Book blitz: Consumed by Melissa Toppen

Consumed Book Blitz


Consumed Digital CoverBook Title: Consumed
Author: Melissa Toppen
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: 3/15/2014
Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions


Breathless Series Part 1

Addison Grant thought she had life all figured out. Attend college, land the job of her dreams, and marry her high school sweetheart. Everything seemed to be falling into place, or at least that’s what she thought.

Having moved from Vermont to Las Vegas with her boyfriend Grayson, the last thing Addison expected was to come home one day to find all of her belongings packed up in boxes and her eight year relationship over.

Heartbroken and lost, Addison finds herself, for the first time, unsure of what the future holds. But a chance meeting with a gorgeous bartender sets her on a path she never expected.

Liam Mason isn’t just your average bartender. There is something about him that doesn’t quite fit but Addison can’t put her finger on it, nor can she deny the sparks that fly between them. As much as she tries to fight her quickly forming feelings for Liam, his constant pursuit of her makes it impossible to resist his charms.

When Addison lands a major project at work, she unknowingly sets herself up to discover that Liam is not who he says he is. When Addison learns the truth will she be able to forgive the lies or will she be forced to walk away from the one man who has consumed her entire existence?

The Breathless Series


1001200_461573257297673_1374037891_nMelissa is a lover of books and enjoys nothing more than losing herself in a good novel. She has a soft spot for Romance and focuses her writing in that direction but hopes to one day branch off and do something completely original. She loves music and is obsessed with the band Blue October! She has a rock star of a husband who gives it to her straight and two beautiful young children that show her what really matters in this life.


I wake the next morning with a start. Memories of the night before come flooding back like a tidal wave. My day with Liam, The Eiffel Tower, the way he kissed me before we parted as if he was fearful he would never see me again. It’s all so much to take in and yet I want it and so very much more.

I take my time getting ready for the day. With no real plans, I shower and dress in a pair of Kristina’s yoga paints and a pale pink t-shirt. I make my way to the kitchen to grab a bite to eat and am surprised to find Kristina already awake. Her tall, lean frame pressed against the kitchen counter, a cup of coffee in her hands.

“Well good morning.” She chimes, when she sees me enter.

“Don’t good morning me.” I snap out playfully. “Thanks to you I had to spend my entire Saturday with the man of my dreams.” I smile widely at the last part.

She catches it immediately, a squeal coming for her lips as she sits her coffee mug on the counter and skips happily to where I am standing just three feet away. “I knew it, I knew it!” She sings, pulling me in for hug. “So you had fun then?” She asks, dropping her hold of me.

“Fun doesn’t even begin to describe it.” I say, the smile on my face growing wider.

“Oh no, you didn’t?” She fakes mockery. “You slept with him? You did, didn’t you?”

“If you mean had the most intense, passionate sex of my life on top of The Eiffel Tower, then yes, yes I did.” I joke, watching her eyes widen with my confession.

“The Eiffel Tower? How in the hell did you manage that?” She gasps in complete jealousy.

“Not really sure. Someone Liam knows. They let us up after it was closed. Oh Kristina, it was like a fairy tale.” I say dreamily, for a moment losing myself to the memory.

“Let’s go grab some breakfast. We have no food and I want to hear every dirty detail.” She laughs, dumping her coffee into the sink and grabbing her purse. I follow, slipping on my tennis shoes before we exit.

I spend the rest of the morning tucked away in a little family diner called Mimi’s Cafe filling Kristina in on everything that took place yesterday. She was so excited for me she could barely contain herself and I have to admit it felt really good to have a girlfriend to share these kinds of things with.

By the time we exit, it’s late morning. The sun is scorching and I immediately wish I had gone with shorts instead of pants. Kristina and I say our goodbyes as she has plans to go shopping with her mom and I make my way back to our apartment, determined to spend the day lounging in front of the television.

As I make my way back, my phone signals an incoming call. I scramble to remove it from my purse. An unknown number displays across the screen and I immediately answer it in hopes that maybe it’s Liam.

“Addison, it’s Grayson. Don’t hang up.” Is what I hear instead. I breathe out a sigh of aggravation but for some unknown reason, I don’t end the call.

“What do you want?” I snap, not trying to make friendly talk at all.

“Look, I know that you are really angry with me. I feel awful about everything. Can we meet up somewhere for coffee or something? I really need to see you.” His voice is soft and pleading, something far from the normal Grayson that I am used to.

“I’m sorry Grayson, I really don’t think that’s such a great idea.” I answer immediately.

“Please Addie, just one cup of coffee.” He pleads.

“I can’t today, maybe another time.” I do my best to pacify him.

“Monday? Come on Addie. Please.”

“Fine, Monday.” I agree, really just wanting to end this conversation. I don’t care what he wants, I just want him to leave me the hell alone.

“Great, I will meet you in the lobby at noon.” His voice takes on a more chipper approach. “I can’t wait to see you.” He adds in a more serious tone.

“See you then.” I say indifferently before ending the call.

Leave it to Grayson to put a damper on my perfectly peaceful morning. Not really feeling up to going home all of a sudden, I continue walking with no real destination just simply losing myself in my mind.

It is hard to keep up with how quickly everything has changed but I don’t regret a single moment of it. When Grayson ended things, I thought my world had ended. Now, I see it really is only just beginning. I have Liam to thank for that. Not to mention, some pretty awesome friends.

My phone starts ringing again just as I reach the bike trails where I used to spend almost everyday running. I make my way to a bench off to the side and retrieve my phone from my purse just as the ringing stops.

The missed call message shows it was my mom. Realizing it has been over a week since we last spoke, I click the number to call her back. She answers on the first ring. “I was beginning to think you had disowned us.” She lashes at me, not harshly but enough to get her point across.

“I know mom, I’m sorry. Things have been so busy. How are you? How’s dad?” I ask.

“Everything is good. Dad is spending a lot of time in the garage again. He bought himself a new toy to fix up. It’s the biggest piece of junk yet.” She whines, clearly not understanding my dad’s constant need to buy old cars and rebuild them, something he has done since I was young. I used to love sitting out in the garage with him, handing him tools and listening to old Johnny Cash songs. Those are some of my fondest childhood memories and the thought of him back at it again makes me wish that I could be there with him.

“Cut him some slack mom. You know how much he loves it.” I remind her. “How is everything else, anything new?”

“Well that’s actually why I am calling. Aunt Kelly is coming in next week and was really hoping to get the chance to see you. You really do need to visit. We miss you like crazy dear and with Grayson out of the picture, there should be no reason not to.”

“I wish I could mom but I have work. I am extremely busy with a big charity event that’s in a couple of weeks. It’s really not possible for me to take time off right now.” I say, apologetic.

“Kelly is going to be so disappointed.” She lays the guilt trip on me.

“I know mom. Will it make you feel better if I promise to come visit you the weekend after the event? I can fly out on Saturday morning and stay a couple of days.”

“That would be amazing honey. Your dad will be thrilled.” She says, the excitement clear in her voice. I really do need to get out to visit them and it probably isn’t a bad idea to get away for a few days.

I promise to let her know as soon as my flight arrangements are made and by the end of our conversation she is perfectly happy. I make an excuse about needing to get some housework done and quickly wrap up the phone call.

After hanging up, I stare down at my phone for a few seconds, lost in my own mind. I don’t know if I should be worried or relieved that Liam has not tried to contact me yet today. Regardless, I can’t help but feel more than a little disappointed. I mean it was after all, the best night of my life.

“Penny for your thoughts?” Liam’s voice breaks me from my haze. I look up, sure that him standing there, a wide smile across his face, is a figment of my imagination. “Care to join me? It’s a beautiful day for a walk.” He says, holding his hand out to me.

I take it without hesitation and let him pull me to my feet. I twine my fingers with his, loving the feeling of his skin against mine. I want to question him on how he found me, how he always seem to know where I am. But in this moment, I don’t care. I just want to enjoy being here with him. As great as this all seems, I still have the nagging feeling that I better enjoy this while I can because it’s only a matter of time before it all comes crashing down. Nothing this good ever turns out to be true.

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Consumed Digital Cover

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Cover reveal: Hold On To Love


Cover designed by: Najla Qamber Designs
Cover models: Courtney Boyett and Willis Totten
Release date: June 2014
Genre: Contemporary country romance

My dear followers, I am beyond excited to finally be able to show you the amazing cover created by Najla. She managed to capture the perfect countryish/romantic mood I was looking for and I couldn’t be happier with the final result.

The landscape is a real Wyoming landscape, with the Teton Range in the background. Isn’t it just beautiful? It makes me want to pack up and move there!

And in case you missed the previous post, here’s the official blurb:

Three weeks. All Alyssa O’Riordan needs is three weeks away from her wealthy life in New York City, to clear her mind and decide what she wants from her life. A dude ranch in Wyoming seems like the perfect place for a temporary escape from the cage her life has become.
What she doesn’t expect is to come face-to-face with a handsome cowboy, who’s just as grumpy and rough as he is good-looking. All of a sudden, the promise of a relaxing, invigorating holiday seems long gone.

Three weeks. For Sean Maclaine, three weeks around the new guest feel like an eternity. After his first-hand experience with the upper class, rich daddy’s girls have become his worst nightmare, so when Alyssa O’Riordan shows up at his family’s ranch, he knows the time won’t go by fast enough. All he has to do is stay away from her, and count the hours until she finally goes back to New York.

Three weeks. Will three weeks be long enough for them to get over their prejudices and start looking beyond the surface?


If you’re on Goodreads, please consider adding it to your to-read shelf. Once I reach 100 adds, I may or may not release the whole first chapter. :)

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the cover, so please do leave a comment.


*** excerpt is unedited and subject to change ***

Alyssa checked her watch and her face fell: it was past one o’clock. She’d been away almost four hours and she’d slept nearly the entire time–no wonder they were all so worried about her disappearance.

How had it happened? She hadn’t slept so soundly in ages, she couldn’t believe she had been able to sleep so long without ever waking up and noticing it was time to go back.

She felt terribly sorry for causing so much trouble; she’d have to make sure to apologize profusely to Mrs. Maclaine as soon as she got back to the ranch.

“I’m sorry, I guess I fell asleep and didn’t realize it was so late…”

“If you wanted to take a nap, you could have done so in your room or in the backyard. You really didn’t need to come out here and have us all worried about what might have happened to you,” he cut her off, curtly. “But no, of course Miss City Girl had to have it her way, or she wouldn’t be happy. Because that’s what you’re used to, isn’t it? Daddy always gives you what you want, so you think that everyone else will do the same, no matter what.”

Alyssa was close to tears, and didn’t know what else to say to apologize; nevertheless, he was still yelling at her, and his tone was so harsh she thought she was either going to start screaming or kick him hard in the shins.

What right did he have to say those things to her, when she’d made it clear she was sorry?

“What’s wrong with you?” she shouted, throwing her hands in the air in exasperation. “I said I was sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose. Why do you have to be so thick, now?”

“Just because I’m a country man doesn’t mean I’m stupid!” he said in a loud and harsh tone.

Alyssa stood up, and he followed suit. She was furious and desperately wanted to tell him all she thought of him, without worrying too much about the consequences. She’d had enough now.

“I never said that!” she barked, feeling insulted; not only had he been awful to her all week, now he was also putting words in her mouth, making her look like the bad witch.

“Your riches don’t necessarily make you better than me,” he said, adjusting his hat on his head. His eyes were ice slits, staring at her from underneath the brim of his cowboy hat.

“I never said I’m better than you. Yes, I come from money, so what? It’s not my fault.”

“It is if you look down on people who don’t belong to your happy little world, and treat everyone else as if they should be at your service, satisfying all of your whims, just because you can afford it.”

“I don’t!” she yelled, exasperated from all this nonsense. “I’m not that kind of person at all. And what right do you have to say these things anyway, when you barely even know me?”


Book blitz: Love Redeemed by Love Belvin

Love Redeemed


Book 4 CoverBook Title: Love Redeemed
Author: Love Belvin
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 2014
Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions


Love Redeemed – the conclusion of the of the Love’s Improbable Possibility series:

Life’s complicated…
Life’s not fair…
All is fair in love and war…

Find out in this riveting conclusion how Rayna reconciles her inability to trust and willingness to explore love in ways she thought she wasn’t worthy of. See love redeemed for someone who thought it was not in the cards. Also, experience Azmir’s lessons on love, forgiveness, and acceptance as his world is transformed to include a life partner.


Love Belvin is a native of the Tri-State area and now lives in the Delaware Valley. She’s an avid reader and enjoys dinner parties with her closest girlfriends. While she enjoys many things, nothing excites her more than curling up with a glass of wine and a good romance novel.

Redeemed Promo #1


L.I.P. Soundtrack

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Blog tour: The Reason by Jen Andrews

The Reason Blog Tour


Zoey James is in a funk. She has been through more in her twenty-three years than most people have experienced in their entire lives. After her ex-husband tries to take everything she’s worked so hard for, she makes one rule: Never date someone she works with.

When her father’s newly hired mechanic moves into the apartment above their family-run business, Zoey’s lonely life is flipped upside down.

As a teenager, New Zealand native, Andy Tate’s family is tragically killed in an accident, and he is taken in by his aunt and uncle. Andy is pulled away from the only place he’s ever known as home, and moved halfway around the world to Northern California.

Ten years and one failed marriage later, Andy finds himself living in a new city, with a new job at James Racing, and living in an apartment next door to Zoey, his new boss’s beautiful and damaged daughter.

After an interesting chain of events over one weekend, Andy and Zoey form an unexpected bond. Even though he’s the only one who can get through to her, she will do all that she can to keep him at a distance and not break her one rule.

Will Andy be the reason for Zoey to start living her life again, or will she continue on her downward spiral, until she finally hits rock bottom?


Jen Andrews was raised in a small town in Northern California, and still lives in the same county where she was born. She is a self-proclaimed music and lyric addict. She grew up in ‘car family’ so her life has been spent around old hot rods. She and her husband, Jake, even have a few of their own. In her spare time, Jen loves to travel wherever she can. She finally lived her dream of traveling to New Zealand to see her favorite rugby team, the All Blacks, play. Jen loves to do photography as a hobby and continues to write.

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The Reason EB (3)

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Release day event: Let Love Be by Melissa Collins

Let Love Be Release Day Event.2


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Book Title:Let Love Be
Author: Melissa Collins
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date:April 7, 2014
Hosted by:Book Enthusiast Promotions


What would bring you happiness in a world that was suddenly empty?

For Lucy Crane, the answer is simple: her daughter. When her husband is killed in a tragic accident, Lucy loses her desire to live, but only one thing keeps her going – her unborn daughter. Focusing on being a mother helps Lucy cope with her loss, but kids grow up and they leave home, eventually. Eighteen years after losing her first and only love, Lucy is faced with the opportunity to find the happiness for which she’s always longed. Her own fears become her worst enemies as she learns how to embrace love once again.

Evan Donovan is also facing his own struggles. Forced to retire from the FDNY because of lung damage caused by 9/11, Evan moves to upstate New York where he hopes to find a little peace and quiet. Old habits die hard, and Evan’s hero complex and survivor’s guilt constantly remind him of how difficult it is to be vulnerable. But for the first time in his life, he’s tired of being alone.

Drawing strength from one another, Lucy and Evan discover how beautiful it is to let love be a part of their lives.


Author PicMelissa Collins has always been a book worm. Studying Literature in college ensured that her nose was always stuck in a book. She followed her passion for reading to the most logical career choice: English teacher. Her hope was to share her passion for reading and the escapism of books to her students. Having spent more than a decade in front of a classroom, she can easily say that it’s been a dream.

Her passion for writing didn’t start until more recently. When she was home on maternity leave in early 2012, she read her first romance novel and her head filled with the passion, angst and laughter of the characters who she read about it. It wasn’t long before characters of her own took shape in her mind. Their lives took over Melissa’s brain and The Love Series was born.



“Oh, I love this movie.” She settles on Forrest Gump as I grab my second slice.

“So, you already know about my history. What about you? Have you ever been married?” Forrest’s proposal to Jenny plays in the background.

“No. I mean, I’ve had a few relationships here and there, but work always got in the way. Staying single was
somehow easier.”

“Same here. I mean, when Melanie was a kid, it was much easier to just focus on that part of my life.”

“Now?” I hazard a question that takes even me by surprise.

She puts her plate down on the coffee table and swallows back a large sip of water. “Now, I’m not so sure.”

Suddenly, my mind races with the possibilities of what her words mean. It’s crazy to think how just a few encounters with Lucy have made me re-evaluate my feelings. Obviously, she feels the same way. A calm and peaceful air falls on us as a small smile curls at my lips.

A comfortable silence fills the space as we watch the movie, recalling some memories when certain scenes come up.

Nothing prepares me for Lucy’s reaction when Jenny and Forrest get married and she tells him she’s sick. I try not to look at her, wanting to avoid making her feel like she’s in the spotlight or anything like that. I do notice a few stray tears streaking down her cheeks so I can only imagine what’s to come.

As we watch Forrest sitting beside Jenny’s grave, reading a letter from their son, Lucy reaches for a napkin. Clutching it to her chest, I can see her breathing rapidly. What were just a few tears earlier is now a steady stream. She doesn’t say anything, won’t even look at me, but I can’t watch her cry like this.

I shift on the small, overstuffed sofa and drape my arm around her. The top of her head fits perfectly into the crook of my shoulder. The scent of her hair takes over my senses; the sound of her softly sniffling through her tears tugs at my heart.

I alternate between squeezing her arm and tracing my fingers up over her shoulder. When she seems to have gathered her emotions, calming down a bit, my instincts take over and I act seemingly without thinking.

Or maybe I am thinking and I’m just afraid of what I’m thinking.

Gently pressing my lips to the top of her soft, brown hair feels like second nature. She tenses momentarily, and I realize I may have just overstepped my boundaries.

“Sorry about that.” I straighten in my seat and try to move my arm, but her fingers fall to my forearm. She looks up at me through long lashes with puffy, red eyes from crying.

“Don’t be.” Her voice is soft, angel-like. “It’s nice to be held.”

That piece of information prompts me to pull her even closer. “Well, I’m glad I could be of service.”

She laughs softly and then takes a deep breath before she shifts to move away from me, which just makes me pull her close once again. “Don’t,” planting another quick kiss to her head, “it’s nice to have someone to hold.”

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Let Love Be

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Let Love In


Let Love Stay


Let Love Heal



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Let Love

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Cover reveal: Blackout by F.X. Scully


BlackOut_FinalCoverBook Title:Blackout
Author: F.X. Scully
Genre: Contemporary Adult Romance
Release Date:April 30, 2014
Hosted by:Book Enthusiast Promotions


Ross Black is a failure.

He failed to protect his little brother from their past.

He failed to keep him out of trouble.

And now he’s having trouble holding onto the one girl who gets him. The one who makes him want to act like more like a man and less of an asshole. But he has a choice to make–take care of his brother or take care his heart. It’s not an easy decision especially considering he’s finally done something he never thought was possible: Fall in love.

Sheila Carlson is a lost cause.

She lost her sister.

She lost her dream.

And now she’s about to lose the one person she can count on. The one who makes her forget the worst parts of her life. When she learns a truth about her sister, she must decide what’s more important, doing what’s right or what feels good.

Despite their issues, Sheila and Ross have something. It’s real. It’s raw. It’s probably wrong. But they’re determined to hold on for as long as they can. Especially if it means letting go of the things they’d rather forget.


I tap on the window and it takes a full thirty seconds before she stops glaring at me and finally winds it down.

“I can’t believe you just did that.”

“I know,” I say. “I’m sorry. Cole and I have history and…it was a misunderstanding.”

She crosses her arms. “What kind of misunderstanding?”

“I thought he was—he—look, don’t worry about it okay? We cleared the air.” I open the car door, then squat down next to her. “Have you thought about what I said? About coming home?”

Sheila looks away and through the windshield. “Of course I’ve thought about it. I’m not sure how well that will go over with Maya though.”

“Hey.” I place my palm down on her lap and she tenses but, as I allow my fingers to move in slow circles, I can feel her relax against my touch. “Maya was a mistake. And I’ve felt like shit about it ever since. Even if we weren’t…I don’t love Maya. We’ve been over for a long time. It was a moment of weakness. I was feeling bad about myself. You had left, she was there. That’s it. It’s not going to happen again.”

“What about the other night?” she asks. “After your gig. I know what I saw.”

“What did you see?”

She opens her mouth and closes it again. Then she licks her lips and says, “nothing.”

“So will you come back?”

“I might not have a choice. Mr. Rose comes back in two days. Maybe I should just go home. Deal with real life. Everyone seems to think I’m doing a pretty shitty job with that anyway.”

“Can they blame you?”

She smiles. “You might be the only one who’s willing to give me a break.”

“Don’t go home,” I say. “Not yet. You can stay with me. You know I don’t mind.” Why the hell did I just say that? Everything Cole’s convinced me to do is for that reason and that reason only. To get her to deal with her issues, reconcile with her family. And then there’s Luke. “I mean, I definitely think you should go home,” I add. “At some point. But not until you’re ready. And maybe you’re not ready. But that’s okay. I can help.”

Her hand brushes against mine, before we entwine fingers. “You going to get me happy, Ross?” she asks with a chuckle.

I laugh. “Cole told you about that, huh?”

“I think it’s sweet what you did for him. It’s totally weird to imagine the two of you as friends, but he was lucky to have a friend like you.”

I can’t help myself. I place my palm against her face and stroke her cheek with my thumb. “I can be that for you, Blue. I can be anything you want if it’ll make you happy. Anything. I just want you to be okay.”

“What about Maya?” she asks.

“What about her? I told you, she—”

“How you feel about her and how she clearly feels about you are two different things. She’s going to be everywhere. You two are business partners now. You don’t think that’s going to be a problem?” She shakes her head. “I’ve had enough love triangles for a lifetime,” she adds with a weak smile.

I pull her toward me and, as twisted and confusing as I know it’s going to make things, I kiss her anyway. I kiss her hard and deep, holding her head between my hands, raking my fingers through her hair. I kiss her for every day I haven’t been able to taste or smell her since she walked out and for every day I know I’m going to be forced to give up when all is said and done. And then I pull back. “This isn’t a triangle,” I say firmly. “Not by a long shot.”



F.X. Scully loves romance, but she doesn’t write your typical Happily Ever After. Because let’s face it, in the real world, it can sometimes take a lot of angst and pain before you get there. And some of us never do. But since most of us pick up books to escape the real world, her stories don’t lack hot boyfriends and sexy encounters. Neither will she leave you completely heart broken, sobbing into a tub of ice cream. Rest assured you’ll be on a roller coaster, but you’ll be glad you went along for the ride.

F.X. is the author of TWO THOUSAND 3 (November 2013), BECAUSE OF LUKE (February 2014) and BLACKOUT (April 2014).

You can read her extended bio here!

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